Sustainable Communities


The Sustainable Communities Working Group, comprised of staff from OSLI companies working collaboratively together, is researching and developing ways of building deep, long-lasting relationships between local communities and industry. With an emphasis on our shared future, we are exploring how sustainable communities learn, grow and thrive over the long term.

The Sustainable Communities Working Group is using this approach with Aboriginal communities (First Nations and Métis) close to our operations in northern Alberta to assist them with reaching their vision for their community. Our long-term goal is for industry to be one of many collaborators working with communities toward a united vision.


Create long lasting relationships.

Develop strong partnerships with our neighbouring communities.

Engage youth.

Support the development of youth-led projects.

Collaborate for a united vision for safe, healthy communities.

Improve sustainable development.


We are using a community-centred approach, where the community is empowered and establishes its own vision for the future, builds its own structures and processes, and sources its own human resources to support its objectives and activities.

We have enlisted the assistance of Carleton University to provide support by working together in a collaborative model called Values, Structures and Processes (VSP). The VSP tool helps frame a community’s vision of long-term success. Other agencies such as government (health care, justice, school systems) are becoming contributors and collaborative partners.

Current Projects

  • Janvier And Fort Chipewyan Pilots
  • StartSmart Pilot
  • Research