Technology Breakthrough


Staff from OSLI companies work collaboratively in the Technology Breakthrough Working Group to implement novel and innovative approaches, and to foster improvements in technology and processes, aimed at achieving positive step changes in the way our industry operates.

We are working towards creating a culture of sharing and collaboration, developing processes that capture new technologies to manage the challenges faced by industry, and jointly funding projects that may lead to changes in performance.


Create zero waste ecosystem regeneration.

Inspire out-of-the-box thinking.

Develop solutions based on new fields of study such as synthetic biology.

Develop new energy sources.

Collaborate on innovative technologies.

Improve drilling techniques.

Explore new in situ recovery techniques.


We are looking beyond the oil sands industry to find new ideas in the academic world and other fields that will result in step changes in the oil sands industry. Technology and process breakthroughs are needed to address industry challenges in a number of areas such as tailings, carbon dioxide emissions and new energy sources for in situ steam generation. We encourage out-of-the box thinking and access new and innovative ideas, such as open sourcing and incentive challenges, to develop new ideas.


  • Alternative Well Configuration
  • Targeting Zero Waste
  • New In Situ Recovery Techniques
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Technology Portal